5 Signs You Have the Best Real Estate Agent

20139748_1165007Real estate agents are not all the same. While most agents are looking out for your best interest, there are plenty of stories about rotten real estate agents putting themselves above their clients. If you are in doubt, lookout for these signs you have the best real estate agent and that your needs are coming first.

Your Schedule is a Priority

Some real estate agents are more worried about making their tee time than getting a client into the perfect house. The best real estate agents will ask about your schedule and build theirs around your needs, not the other way around.

If you work during the day or on weekends, your agent should adapt their schedule to show you homes when you are available. If they push too much into your work schedule or other important commitments, it’s a red flag that your agent may not be putting you first.

Your Budget is a Primary Concern

Did you tell your agent that your budget is $250,000, but they take you to homes that cost $300,000 or more? It is common for agents to take you to homes just above your price range, as you can often negotiate a better deal than the asking price. However, if your price is firm and they take you to homes you clearly can’t afford, they might be more worried about their paycheck than your budget.

The best real estate agent for your needs puts your budget as a top priority. If the agent doesn’t respect your budget, they don’t need to be your agent.

They Show You Houses that Match Your Needs List

Most home buyers have a big list of needs and wants, and your agent should pay attention and show you homes that meet your needs in your budget, or explain why your list might be a bit of a moon shot on your budget.

If you absolutely want an in-home laundry room, you might have to settle with laundry in the garage or the basement, but if your agent is ignoring that and only shows you places with no laundry at all, you might not be in the best hands.

Whatever your needs and wants, if your agent isn’t paying attention and showing you homes that work for you, it’s time to kick that agent to the curb. The best real estate agent puts your needs wants and needs list at the top of their search criteria.

You Never Feel Pressured or Uncomfortable

Real estate agents are not used car salespeople. When you hire an agent, you are agreeing to pay them 3% of the home purchase price in most cases. That is a $7,500 paycheck for a $250,000 home.

If your agent is not friendly and helpful, it’s time for a change. Agents should work hard to find you the best home for your needs and your budget. If they make you feel bad, act disrespectfully, or even worse pressure you to make a decision you are not comfortable with, find a replacement immediately.

They Respond Quickly to All Requests

In competitive markets like Portland and Denver, homes go on the market and get snatched up by buyers in a matter of days, if not hours. If your agent takes more than 24 hours to respond to your emails, particularly in a competitive market, you have the wrong agent on your team.

Great agents respond quickly to all requests, and hustle to put you in the right home. That’s the way your agent should treat you.

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