5 Remodeling Ideas to Make Your Home Pop!

real estate remodellingAfter your trusted agent helps you find the right home and you settle in, you may want to make some changes to leave your personal mark on the property. If you really want to make it pop, consider these five remodeling ideas that will leave visitors talking and your family enjoying a little more luxury.

Open the Kitchen to the Patio

If your kitchen is on the back side of the home, you can open up a back wall so your kitchen opens into a covered patio or back porch. This will give your kitchen an indoor/outdoor quality, and makes better use of your backyard by turning it into a connected dining area.

Homeowners in warm climates add sliding doors that can open up an entire wall, or French doors to keep a little more separation while allowing an opening to fill the home with an evening breeze.

Install a Home Movie Theater

If you have an extra bedroom or den that does not get much use, you can install your own home movie theater perfect for family movie nights, entertaining adult friends, kids sleepovers, or gathering around to watch the big game.

Projectors are cheaper than ever before, and creating a connected home theater with the display, lighting, and even a retractable curtain all controlled by a tablet or smart phone is no longer cost prohibitive for many happy homeowners.

Upgrade the Master Shower

A shower can be just a shower, or it can be an escape away from the stresses of the day. Converting your standing shower into something a little more fun can add sales appeal to a future buyer, and you will enjoy it every day.

Rain shower heads are very popular, though for a slightly higher cost you can install a Swedish shower with massaging water jets spraying from every direction.

Make Your Home Smarter

With Amazon Echo, smart lighting, smart locks, smart garage doors, smart cameras, smart appliances, and more coming on the market every week, there is little reason to have a home that is not connected.

Some starting ideas to really make your house pop are a Nest automated thermostat, an August Smart Lock for the front door, and a Chamberlain smart garage door.

While it is not something that is installed in the home, an Amazon Echo is a great way to tie it all together, and it is excellent for music too.

Install a Backyard Getaway

Your backyard can be a family play area, a tropical getaway, or a lavish retreat. Whatever you decide, it can be made even better with the addition of a backyard bar retreat.

You may have seen office sheds, which are great for getting work done. But a bar shed takes the backyard storage spot to a whole new level. Imagine coming home at the end of a long day at work. Kick off your shoes, put on some slippers, and head out back to your very own bar.

Now that will make your home pop!

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