5 Best Uses for an Extra Bedroom

An extra bedroom at home can be a great space for your home. Extra bedrooms can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from storage to your own fitness studio. Whether you are considering buying a new home or looking for the best use for a spare room you already have, read on for some inspiring and useful ideas for the space.

Extra Bedroom: Home Office

A home office is a necessity for anyone who works at home full-time, but even part-time telecommuters and remote work wannabes can enjoy a home office. The room can function as a place to get work done in the home without distraction, and can double as a “man cave” by adding a couch and TV.

Even for office dwellers, a home office is a good place to keep bills and files organized and manage your own personal finances. It is also a good place for a computer to live at home, as it keeps other areas like the kitchen and living room free of clutter

Extra Bedroom: Guest Room

If you live far from family and friends, it is nice to have a place to offer guests when they come to visit. It also acts as a good substitute for the couch if you are a husband with a big mouth that regularly enjoys a night on the couch!

Guest rooms can be furnished inexpensively at a store like IKEA, or you can make some upgrades in your own bedroom and furnish the space with used furniture from your bedroom. If you’ve been putting of upgrading from a queen bed to a king, move the queen to the guest room and get something fresh for yourself. It’s a win for everyone!

Just don’t make it too comfortable or they’ll never want to leave!

Extra Bedroom: Play Room / Homework Room

If you have young children at home, a spare room is great space to use for playing, crawling, exploring, and developing. As the child grows to toddler and beyond, the room can be used for art projects, science projects, reading, and other activities.

As the children continue to age, toys and games can be swapped with desks and computers to be used as a studying and homework area that is free from TV and other distractions.

Extra Bedroom: Studio

Artists, musicians, and photographers all dream of having their own studio. Why get pushed into the garage or pack up every time you are done working when you can have a full-time dedicated studio?

Tear out the carpet and put in a more easily cleaned floor if you want to paint, make pottery, or enjoy other art projects that can get a bit messy. Or pad the walls and turn it into your own music and audio production studio. Or setup an array of professional lighting equipment and backdrop to capture your subject with the perfect lighting every time.

Extra Bedroom: Home Gym

The average gym membership costs $40-$50 per month. Why spend that kind of cash to share equipment with other people when you can build your own for the cost of less than a year’s membership?

Any elliptical, treadmill, or exercise bike and some weights are all you need to get started. Slowly add new equipment as your needs, routine, and budget allow and before you know it you’ll have a state-of-the-art workout space just steps from your own shower and bedroom.

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