5 Areas to Decorate for the Man of the House

Man caves

Sandia Man Cave – Skarz via Wikimedia Commons

Most husbands know that the woman is really in charge of decorating the home. But even with a feminine touch, a house can still be comfortable for the entire family, not just members of the fairer sex. When buying a house or decorating your home, keep an eye out for these places around the house that can handle a more rugged touch.

The Man of the House Garage

The garage is one of the most naturally manly parts of the home. Whether the man of the house is a wrench turner or has zero mechanical inclination, the garage can be a manly oasis away from things like duvet covers and bed skirts.

The garage floor is traditionally just concrete, but adding raised, colored flooring can add flair to a little used part of the home. Throw in a work bench, hanging wall storage, a mini fridge, and some wireless speakers and you will have yourself a deluxe man of the house experience just out the garage door.

The Man of the House Office

A shared office or a solo office space an be decorated with either modern or traditional styles and still broadcast “man” to anyone who enters. A sleek, powerful desk, favorite artwork, and a home technology hub make the office a place for both productivity and enjoyment.

If you want a little extra fun, turn an office closet into a secret room or add a mini bar or globe with a hidden scotch set inside for a fun twist on the home’s workspace.

The Man Cave

A basement or den makes an excellent male retreat, and it can be an excellent place for “guy” time with friends. A big screen TV is the core staple of a man cave, but you don’t have to stop there.

Pool, foosball, or Ping-Pong tables add some extra active space to the man cave, and a fully stocked mini fridge will keep the football watch party contained to one room.

The Man of the House Kitchen

Gender stereotypes put women in charge of the cooking, but a real man isn’t afraid of the kitchen. Instead, the kitchen can be a place for either of the home’s chefs to get to work creating their next culinary masterpiece.

Stainless steel appliances, a big fridge, and extensive options for ways to cook different types of meat make the kitchen a place any man can feel at home.

Just don’t expect him to use the phrase “breakfast nook” anytime soon.

The Manly Back Yard

Back yards are not just a place for kids to play. A manly back yard is home to a grill, an outdoor dining area, and a fire pit that is great for roasting marshmallows or sitting around with the guys at the end of a hard day’s work.

Upward lighting on trees and plants project power and beauty, and make the backyard a daytime and nighttime escape. If you really want to go big, add a full outdoor kitchen or retractable projector screen for a fully outdoor cooking and entertaining experience.

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