The 3 Best Cloud-Based Landlord Apps

Landlords and other property investors have many options when it comes to cloud based landlord apps. In fact, there are dozens of landlord apps to choose from. Here are a few of our favorites you can consider if you are looking to start or improve your property management with the use of modern property management apps.

appfolio logoAppfolio

Appfolio is one of the biggest and most popular cloud landlord apps. The all-in-one solution is designed for residential properties, commercial properties, student housing, and HOAs. The full range of features includes vacant property marketing, application and lease management, rent collection and processing, maintenance and work order management, owner and vendor payments, and property and portfolio level accounting and reporting.

If you want one solution to manage every aspect of your properties, Appfolio is a great option. But for all of those powerful features, you have to pay. Onboarding starts at $400 and monthly charges are $1.25 per unit with a $250 monthly minimum. This is geared towards property managers and landlords looking to oversee a large portfolio of properties, not just a small building or two.

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Buildium LogoBuildium

Buildium is another of the top-tier property management applications for landlords and property managers. Buildium is another all-in-one property landlord app that has special apps for tablets, mobile, and works perfectly through a web browser on a laptop or desktop computer.

Features include leasing and tenant screening, operations including a resident portal, maintenance tracking, and document management, and property and company level accounting and financial reporting. Payment are available for an additional fee.

Buildium is not cheap, but has a much lower starting threshold than Appfolio. Get started with a 15 day free trial before paying a monthly fee starting at $45 per month.

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Tenant Cloud LogoTenant Cloud

While not as well known as Appfolio or Buildium, Tenant Cloud offers a major benefit that the other two don’t: it has a free option available. Tenant Cloud offers a free cloud based solution with support for up to 75 units. This makes Tenant Cloud a top option for new landlords or investors with only a small portfolio of properties.

Services supported include tenant screening, online applications and leases, property accounting, online payments, digital maintenance requests, and online property marketing.

Tenant Cloud works with third party partners for insurance, payments, and other services which may charge additional fees when used.

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