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How AgentHarvest® Finds Real Estate Agents

AgentHarvest's® success relies exclusively on only matching you with experienced agents. So, it's vitally important that we successfully evaluate every agent we match. That's why we developed a set of interviewing and evaluating procedures to guarantee our success in finding top-performing agents. These procedures examine agents' sales histories, performance, customer service efforts, testimonials, rankings, awards and certifications.

Agent Evaluation Process:

To be included in The AgentHarvest® Elite™, all agents must pass this criteria:

  • First of all, we only allow agents to represent areas close to their office and areas where they have sold several houses. They must know the neighborhoods they represent and have experience selling in those neighborhoods.
  • Then we look at the agents' on-line presence by examining the following:
    • The agent's website and their executive biography
    • The agent's listings to see how well they're promoted
    • Their listing photos and listing descriptions to make sure they enhance the listing
    • Client testimonials from multiple sites
    • Then we verify their real estate license with the state
    • We look at how long they've held a license and if it was ever suspended for misconduct
    • When possible, we also look at their real estate education history
    • And, if they're a member of a team, we research the team's sales history and client testimonials too
  • Only after conducting on-line research, we make initial contact with the agent, inviting them to be considered for our program. Then the agent is asked to submit detailed application.
  • When we receive the application, the real research begins. We then look for a proven track record of success through nationally recognized awards, rankings, and high sales volumes.
    • Awards must be either national or regionally recognized sales-based awards.
    • Rankings must be either nationally, regionally, or citywide-based rankings for sales performance based on the number of transactions sold.
    • Every agent must close 25 transactions during the past 12 months from the date of the application.
  • We also verify that they are a full-service real estate agent working full-time.
  • They must have great communication skills and must promptly return phone calls from AgentHarvest® and our clients.
  • And finally, we believe that there is a minimum level of service that must be provided, and we have them pledge to observe those levels of service and more. Those service levels are listed in AgentHarvest's® Client's Bill of Rights.
  • After passing all of the steps above, they finally earn the right to be matched with our clients, but it doesn't end there.
  • AgentHarvest® reviews every future match an agent is given to make sure that they continue to maintain high levels of service, or risk immediately being expelled from our system.
  • Every agent we match you with goes through this level of intense screening so you can be certain that you're getting matched with a great agent.

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