Agent Harvest a Realtor Referral Service

Realtors & Real Estate Agents Can Receive Listing & Buying Referrals with AgentHarvest®

Receive referrals for the areas you choose and only pay a 25% referral fee due at closing, while earning the distintion of being recognized as one of AgentHarvest's® Elite or Luxury Elite Real Estate Agents and Realtors. We do not charge any additional fees.

Join Our Group of Highly Qualified Real Estate Agents and Realtors to Receive Our Referrals

By joining AgentHarvest® and becoming recognized as one of AgentHarvest's® referred real estate agents and Realtors, you not only validate your success by instantly becoming recognized as one of only a few elite Realtors that we hand-picked from your area, but also get the chance to immediately receive a copy of all leads generated for your classification in your area as soon as our client submits them to AgentHarvest®. Eligibility to be classified as either an AgentHarvest® Elite Agent™ or an AgentHarvest® Luxury Elite Agent™ is based on specific performance and service-level criteria unique to each classification.

AgentHarvest® Elite™ Referrals

The AgentHarvest® Elite™ referral program qualifies you to receive a copy of all buyer and listing referrals in your requested areas for all price ranges under 2x the average home prices in your coverage area or $500,000, whichever is the higher amount.

AgentHarvest® Luxury Elite™ Referrals

The AgentHarvest® Luxury Elite™ referral program is a new program that we've just recently started in a limited number of areas. Inclusion into the Luxury Elite classification will qualify you to receive a copy of all buyer and listing referrals for homes and estates priced above $500,000, or 2x the average home prices in your coverage area.

Currently, the Luxury Elite classification is only available to agents in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. Other areas coming soon.

The Advantages of Working with AgentHarvest®

  • Over 50% of our referrals are listing referrals
  • Receive quality referrals while they are still in the mindset of buying or selling
  • Only pay a 25% referral fee for buyer and listing referrals
  • Referral fees are due at closing - Pay nothing unless the transaction closes
  • Don't pay for Realtor leads or territories
  • We limit each area to only a maximum of three real estate agents
  • Referrals are sent to each agent in an area simultaneously
  • Fees may be waived if a conflict arises
  • Gain credibility of being chosen as an AgentHarvest® Elite or Luxury Elite Agent
  • For more information, please look at our agent FAQ section

Why We're Different

Find out what sets AgentHarvest® apart from typical Realtor lead generation companies.

What Agents Think of AgentHarvest®

Find out what other agents enrolled in our referral network think about AgentHarvest® referrals.

How to Join the AgentHarvest® Elite™

Find out more about how to join the AgentHarvest® Elite™ and Luxury Elite™ to receive referrals for your area.

Metro Areas We Cover

Atlanta, Austin, Chicagoland, Colorado Springs, Dallas-Ft Worth, Denver, Hampton Roads, Houston, Kauai, Lanai, Maui, Molokai, New York City, Oahu, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Francisco Bay, Seattle-Tacoma, St Louis, Tampa-St Petersburg, Washington DC

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