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Why Our Referrals Are Better

You Don't Pay for Leads or Membership Fees

Our competitors look for every opportunity to extract money from you.  We don't think you should take any financial risks using our services if a referral doesn't result in a sale.  Why should helping our client cost you money?

Verified Contact Information

We verify the e-mail address and contact information of every referral we send you to ensure that you are receiving a real referral and duplicates are not allowed.

We Only Charge a 25% Referral Fee

Why pay territory fees, lead fees, membership fees, or other non-income producing fees if you don't have to, and why get gouged by high referral fees?  We only offer a 25% referral fee due at closing. Residential lease referral fees are only 15%.

How to Join AgentHarvest®

Find out if you qualify to be considered one of the AgentHarvest® Elite™.

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