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Why You Should Hire an AgentHarvest® Elite™ Agent

AgentHarvest® is a real estate agent rating service that helps you find the real estate agents currently dominating your area in home sales. Finding the right real estate agent and weeding through real estate agents is time consuming, stressful, and could potentially cost you money.  Avoid all these hassles by starting your agent search with a list of AgentHarvest® Elite-Rated agents for your specific market.  AgentHarvest® Elite™ agents have proven track records of success in your specific market and can show you how to get a higher sales price in a shorter amount of time. 

We make hiring the right agent easy. 

You are under no obligation to hire any agent we recommend.

Our service is 100% free.

Aren't All Agents the Same?

If you think all real estate agents are the same, please consider this. A majority of the houses sold in the US are sold by a small number of agents. Even worse, an agent can qualify to become a Realtor without selling even one house. Some agents even treat the profession as a part-time job or just a hobby that they do in their spare time. The last thing you want is to hire an agent that lacks serious devotion to the profession or has failed to even sell one house. But how do you know which agents are successful and which are not?

You Can't Judge an Agent Based Solely on a Listing Presentation Interview

If you've already started looking for agents, you've probably heard many great listing presentations all ending with promises that they can sell your house quickly for lots of money. Every agent learns how to conduct great listing presentations and most agencies give agents all the presentation materials and slideshows needed to create those impressive presentations without any effort or expertise. That's probably why they sounded identical. If all agents sound the same, how do you pick the one that's best for you?

Are You Finding Competent Realtors that Know YOUR Local Market?

Finding an agent that knows YOUR local community and it's future growth potential is vital to effectively promoting your home to the right group of buyers that are willing to pay more for your house. Determining what a prospective agent knows about your neighborhood and local community is an important factor to consider when choosing an agent. That's why it's so important to find an agent that has a track record of selling houses in your area.

The Perfect Agent Finds the Perfect House

Do you know what you're looking for in a new home? What features are the most important? Is it location, convenience, schools, neighborhood, or price? In most cases, it's all of the above. A good real estate agent will sit down with you, help you prioritize your new home requirements, then help you find houses that meet those expectations. You want to hire an agent that can help you find the home that you want, not the home some agent wants to sell you.

How Do You Know if a Real Estate Agent is Really Any Good? Or Trustworthy?

With the limited amount of information available to the public about an agent, it's hard to tell whether you're talking to a trustworthy, successful agent worth hiring or one you should avoid. The only way you can be sure is to look at an agent's history of past sales, awards, accomplishments, testimonials and accolades. Not only do we look at all these things, but when an agent becomes an AgentHarvest® Elite™ Agent, the evaluation only begins. Once on board, we consistently monitor each agent's performance with our clients.

Find Out Which Agents We Hand-Picked for YOUR Local Area

If you're looking for an agent that is more than just a fancy listing presentation, but is also a part of that handful of agents that sell a majority of houses in your metro area; takes the time to listen to you; knows how to promote your house to the right group of buyers in your local market; helps you find the perfect house; is easy to work with and has your best interests at heart, then you should take a look at our AgentHarvest® Elite™ Agents. These are the qualities we appreciate and seek in the agents we hand-pick for you.

Keeping all these factors in mind, we hand-picked a group of agents in your area that meet these requirements. These agents are called The AgentHarvest® Elite™.

We Hand-Pick Our Agents by:

  • Examining each agent's sales performance
  • Inspecting nationally recognized awards they've won
  • Determining their earned ranking
  • Looking over earned accreditations
  • Reviewing their listing promotional materials
  • Investigating how they promote their current listings
  • Scrutinizing recent client testimonials and accolades
  • We also conduct a personal interview with each agent
  • For Luxury Agts - Reviewing sales record of luxury homes
  • For Luxury Agts - Luxury-applicable accreditations
  • For Luxury Agts - Use of latest marketing technologies
  • Only after passing all of the above do agents become
    The AgentHarvest® Elite™

Selling a Luxury-Priced Home?

Only Luxury Agents Should Sell Luxury Homes

What's the difference between a $100,000 home and a $10 Million luxury home? Lifestyle. The owner of the $10 Million dollar luxury home travels more, buys more luxury goods, and has buying requirements and preferences that differ from those of lower income brackets. However, the one luxury they can't seem to acquire is time. Unless an agent knows how to tap into those desires, preferences, and limitations of time, they can't effectively sell a luxury home. Real estate agents not only sell homes, they also demonstrate how a home will fit a certain buyer's lifestyle. Different lifestyles call for different agents... lifestyle specialists.

Not Every Agent Can Correctly Price a Luxury Home

No two luxury homes or estates are alike. Amenities, features, finishes, location, surroundings, acreage, and distinctively unique offerings all effect the home's value and make determining the sales price challenging. Trusting in an agent that doesn't know the luxury real estate market could result in your selling your luxury home at too low a price, or setting the price so high that it sits on the market for years. These tasks should be left to expert Luxury Elite Agents that know the luxury real estate market.

Marketing a Luxury Home Takes a Specialist

In a luxury home, there's more home to market, more features to showcase, and more amenities to promote. Photographs have to be flawless, staging has to be perfect, and new marketing techniques like arial drone photography should be considered to make your luxury home stand out. Custom home features like a one-of-a-kind location, extensive acreage, guest houses, sports courts, grand public rooms, elevators, wine rooms, and infinity swimming pools must be showcased and promoted to make your luxury estate irresistible to potential luxury buyers. Unique features like a private spa, a backyard water park, a bowling alley, or a recording studio can have great appeal to a unique set of buyers but you need to find those unique buyers that will gladly pay a higher price to have those amenities. It takes a special agent to sell unique amenities and features.

The more expensive the home, the broader the search for a buyer needs to be. More than likely, the buyer will come from another city, state or even another country. You need a Luxury Elite Agent that knows how to market your estate to a broad national or international audience.

Do You Desire Discretion?

You don't want just anyone traipsing through your home and rummaging through your personal things. You don't want to open your house to those just looking for decorating ideas, satisfy their curiosity, or casing the home looking for valuables. You want an agent that not only respects your privacy, but protects it.

We Found the Type of Agent You're Looking For!

AgentHarvest is an independent real estate agent research company that identifies outstanding agents and shares them with you. Not only do we find agents for the residential real estate market, but we also identify agents specifically talented to sell in the luxury real estate market too. Both our Elite Agents and our Luxury Elite Agents are evaluated on sales performance, awards and rankings. Our Luxury Elite Agents are also evaluated on additional criteria specifically related to the Luxury Real Estate Market. This additional scrutiny ensures this group of agents being uniquely capable of handling the complex details involved with selling luxury homes and estates.

How Our Agents Can Help You:

  • Every AgentHarvest® Elite™ Rated Agent has a proven record of success in YOUR local area through nationally recognized awards, rankings and sales volumes.
  • We evaluate and maintain working relationships with every agent we recommend so you can be assured that your agent has been thoroughly tested.
  • Our Realtors have an intimate knowledge of your local area's real estate market.
  • Every agent has praiseworthy testimonials by past clients who enjoyed working with that agent.
  • Our agents use the latest technologies to produce effective Internet marketing techniques that get your home sold, or help you find a house you can't wait to call home.
  • Find out what home improvements offer the greatest resale value in your local area.
  • We insist that our agents demonstrate great communication skills like returning your phone calls.
  • Every agent we recommend is continuously re-evaluated to make sure our clients receive the best possible service that we demand.

What is AgentHarvest®?

AgentHarvest® is a real estate agent rating service created to help you find the real estate agents currently dominating your area in home sales. We can connect you with the top-producing agents that meet our performance-based selection criteria to help you buy or sell a house. We call these agents The AgentHarvest® Elite™. We can help you find a Realtor or a real estate agent, who is an expert in your local market, while saving you the hassle of trying to find and qualify real estate agents and Realtors.

Why Our Services are Free

AgentHarvest's® service of finding top agents is free to buyers and sellers looking for agents. We are paid a small referral fee by the agent if, and only if they succeed in your real estate transaction. If they are unsuccessful, then we receive nothing. So, it's in our best interest to ONLY connect you with successful agents.

What Clients Say About Our Agents:

"I'll recommend your service to anyone I know."
- Gillian Wu, Dallas, Texas

"The agent I ultimately chose was fantastic!"
- Tim Klein, Richardson, Texas

"AgentHarvest's® services were timely, professional ... kind, understanding and compassionate during a time of tremendous stress and difficulty for us during our short sale."
- Robert W., Dallas, Texas

"The agent I selected did an outstanding job and sold my home in a week!"
- Sarah S., Plano, Texas

"Thanks to my AgentHarvest®.com agent, I had a contract on my home literally within 2 hours of hiring my new agent!"
- Sandra Tames, McKinney, Texas

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