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Buyers & Sellers: How Our Free Service Works

AgentHarvest® strives to find the best real estate agents in your local area by examining agents' sales histories, performance, customer service efforts, testimonials, rankings, awards and certifications. Once you inform us of your real estate needs and location, we match you with the perfect real estate agent in your requested location.

Real Estate Questions

1. Select the type of service needed from above, then pick your city, and briefly share your real estate needs. Your info will be kept secure, and will never be sold to third parties. We only use that information to match you with real estate agents in your requested area.

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2. We will match you with the best real estate agents that specialize in buying and selling houses in your area. Our agents are hand-picked based on their sales performance and past success using our stringent selection process.

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3. After you send us your information, we wlll verify your email address. If the address cannot be evaluated automatically, you will be emailed a link that will take you to your personalized list of real estate agents we found in your area.

Contact Realtors

4. Quickly receive a list of agents we recommend for your area. Once we verify your email address or when you click on the emailed link, you will receive your personalized list of the best real estate agents in your area. A copy of that list will also be emailed to you.

Free Service

Save Money by Using Our FREE Services. Don't spend money if you don't have to. AgentHarvest's® service is free to buyers and sellers looking for agents. We are paid a small referral fee by the agent if, and only if, they successfully help you buy or sell a house. If they are unsuccessful, then we receive nothing. So, it's in our best interest to only connect you with the best real estate agents.

We Don't Spam

PRIVACY POLICY: We will not use your information for third-party advertising purposes. We will follow-up with you to see how the selection process is going and to get your impressions of the agents we sent. If you decide not to use our services at this time, we may send you an invitation to consider us again in the future. The three agents, whose contact info you will receive, will also contact you. But that's it. No more.

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