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Why Our Agents Are Better Compared to a Typical Real Estate Agency

We're Not Running a Popularity Contest

Our competitors choose real estate agents based solely on the recommendation of other Realtors, or their industry peers. AgentHarvest® does not believe that a popularity contest is the way to choose your next real estate agent. We focus on a Realtor's sales track record, not on the amount of Realtor friends they have or the real estate agency they belong to.

We Aren't Limited to Specific Real Estate Agencies

Our competitors limit their selection to only specialty boutique agencies or leading national brokerages. We know that real estate agents sell houses, not their agencies, and working for a great real estate agency doesn't automatically make you a great real estate agent.  There are many great real estate agents, working for small brokerages or local brokerages, who dominate the sales in their area.  AgentHarvest® knows you want the best agent selling your house and you don't care which real estate agency they work for.

We Choose Top-Selling Agents, not Paid Advertisers

Our competitors charge real estate agents a fee to advertise on their site and to receive your information.  AgentHarvest® does not charge membership fees, subscription fees or any fee to receive your information. We only make money helping clients sell or buy houses, while our competitors make money recruiting agents and agencies into their program.

We Recruit Top-Performing Agents not Warm Bodies with a Real Estate License

Our competitors have open-call agent sign-up forms on their site and they pay agents to recruit their friends to join their program. They even try to enroll every agent in the same real estate agency. This means that they will select any, or every agent that wants to join. We don't want just any agent so AgentHarvest® doesn't provide open enrollment.  We hand-select agents and extend them a personal invitation to join.

All of our Ranking Methodologies are Fully-Disclosed

When other sites pick agents, they don't offer you any explanation or hints about their selection criteria. They don't explain exactly how they came to anoint someone as a 'Top Agent.' AgentHarvest® helps people find an agent by looking at their selling histories, achievements and how they rank regionally or nationally within their brokerage.

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