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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AgentHarvest® & the AgentHarvest® Elite™ Rating?

AgentHarvest® is a real estate agent finder service created to help you easily identify real estate agents currently dominating your area in home sales or leases.  We find top-selling, award-winning, and nationally recognized agents in each area we cover that can help you accomplish your real estate goals. We call these agents The AgentHarvest® Elite™.

What Happens After I Complete the Form?

We only ask you for the information we need to discover your real estate needs and to provide a method for the three agents to contact you.  After you complete the form, you will receive an email containing a link to your information.  Once you click on that link, you will be given the names of the agents in your area by email and you will notify the three agents that you want to be contacted regarding the info you submitted.  The agents should call you within 24 hours and arrange a chance to meet with you to discuss your needs further.  If they are unable to contact you, please call or email them.

AgentHarvest® Elite™ Agents are Chosen Based on:

To be included in The AgentHarvest® Elite™ and earn the AgentHarvest® Elite Rating™, an agent must:

  • Have a proven track record of success through nationally recognized awards, rankings, or high sales volumes.
    • Awards must be either national or regional in origin and sales-based.
    • Rankings must be either nationally, regionally or citywide based rankings for sales performance either in the form of dollar amount sold or number of transactions sold.
    • Sales volumes must be no less than 25 transactions during the past 12 months from the date of the application.
    • For Luxury Properties - Proof of 6 luxury properties sold during the last 24 months
    • For Luxury Properties - Proof of Luxury-Applicable Accreditations
  • Must observe AgentHarvest's® Client's Bill of Rights
  • Must be a full-service real estate agent working full-time.
  • Must know the market and have a history of sales in that market.
  • Must have praiseworthy testimonials by past clients.
  • Must have great communication skills and must promptly return phone calls from AgentHarvest® and our clients.
  • Every Elite-Rated Agent is continuously re-evaluated to make sure our clients receive the best possible service.
  • There is no obligation to use any agent we send you and this service is free.
  • Find YOUR AgentHarvest® Elite™ agents.

Is Your Service Really Free?

All of our services are FREE to people wanting to buy or sell a house. We are paid by the real estate agent we recommend if, and only if that agent is able to help you buy or sell a house. Because we only get paid upon completion, we are very motivated to give you the best agents capable of producing the best possible results. Our referral fee is 25% of their share of the total commission if the transaction closes and nothing if it doesn't close.

Does a Referral Fee Effect My Agent's Performance?

No, keep in mind that this fee is only paid upon a sucessful closing. When you consider the cost of advertising an agent spends to get one additional sale, it's as much or more than the referral fee. In most cases, paying a fee is much cheaper, and it's without risk since they only pay when they're receiving a commission.

Am I Obligated to Use Any
of the Agents You Send?

No, you are not under any obligation to use any agent we send you.  All we ask is that you please let us know.

We are a Licensed Realtor in the State of Texas

We are a licensed real estate agent in the State of Texas associated with the brokerage of Bell Real Estate. 

How to Qualify for the Free Aerial Photography Session

    To be eligibile, you must:

  • Be selling a home in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area.
  • Find your listing agent by using our free service.
  • Sign a Listing Agreement with one of the agents we sent you.
  • Use that agent to list your property.
  • All materials produced remain the property of AgentHarvest® to be used by your AgentHarvest® agent to promote your listing.
  • This promotion is only available in the Dallas/Fort Worth area only, and not available in any other area at this time.
  • If your home is located in a drone no-fly zone, elevated sky pole photography equipment will be used instead of a drone.

    Examples of Drone No-Fly Zones:

  • 5 nautical miles from an airport having an operational control tower; or
  • 3 nautical miles from an airport having a published instrument flight procedure, but not having an operational control tower; or
  • 2 nautical miles from an airport not having a published instrument flight procedure or an operational control tower; or
  • 2 nautical miles from a heliport, gliderport or seaplane base.
  • Our drone pilots can determine whether your home is located in one of these areas.
  • Elevated sky pole photography does not fall under these restrictions.
  • Examples of airports having an operational control tower would be: Spinks, Meacham, Alliance, Navy JRB, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Dallas Executive, Addison, and McKinney. Additionally there are other airspaces such as the surface area of DFW International's Class B airspace that are also drone no-fly zones.

    Before Photographing Your Property, We are Required to:

  • Send you an authorization form for you to sign and return, giving us permission to fly a drone over your property.
  • File the required NoTAM Notice with the appropriate aviation authority to alert air traffic of our flight route over your property.
  • Find a day with optimal weather conditions.
  • Coordinate with your agent to set an appointment.
  • The photos should be delivered to your agent within 1-2 weeks assuming no weather delays.

What if I Have Additional Questions?

If you have additional questions please contact us.

Legal Disclaimer

We do not guarantee, warranty or certify any agent we send you. The agents endorsed by AgentHarvest® are not employed or contracted by AgentHarvest®. The agents recommended in the AgentHarvest® Elite™ are independent contractors associated with brokerages in their state.  You are responsible for evaluating their performance and abilities based on your particular requirements, and choosing which agent to hire.

Privacy Policy

AgentHarvest® considers the protection of your information and it's confidentiality our highest priority. We hate receiving spam, just as we're sure you do too. As such, we treat your information just like we'd like our personal information treated. All of the information you share with AgentHarvest® is kept confidential and is never sold, rented, or otherwise used for any purpose other than helping us match you with real estate professionals in the area you select, and helping those professionals serve your real estate needs. By submitting your information to AgentHarvest®, you are accepting our methodologies described in this Privacy Policy.

Google, Facebook and Twitter Disclosures

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