Agent Harvesting: The Best Way To Find The Top Producing Real Estate Agents In Your Area


The biggest mistake buyers and sellers make when hiring a Realtor is that they do not do their homework before hiring a real estate agent.  They end up with a house that sits on the market longer, sells for a lower price, and the time spent dealing with that agent is a nightmare.  AgentHarvest helps minimize the chance of these things happening by finding agents in your area that are currently selling houses like yours, in your neighborhood, for you to interview.  Continue reading

How to Prepare to Sell Your Home

Aside from finding the right Realtor, you will need to follow these steps outlined in order to best prepare to sell your home.

It’s time to move. That means it’s time to get your home ready for the housing market. You’re going to need to do some work both inside and out to make it the most desirable and sought-after listing among all buyers who are looking for a home. Continue reading

Real Estate Disclosure Rules: Hauntings, Ghosts, Ghouls, Murders, and Suicides

Haunted House

Real estate disclosure rules are quite clear and extensive for physical property characteristics, but there is a little more gray area around homes that could be haunted or the site of a death. If you are selling, what do you have to tell the buyer, and what can you keep quiet? The answer, it turns out, depends on your state.

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5 Ways Owning a House Can Improve Your Life

Created by Sura Nualpradid courtesy of

Created by Sura Nualpradid courtesy of

Owning a house is a big undertaking, but it can also be liberating and life changing. Buying your own house with your own four walls gives you a new level of freedom and independence that renters and condo dwellers don’t have. Read on for five ways owning a house can improve your life. Continue reading

5 Signs You Have the Best Real Estate Agent

20139748_1165007Real estate agents are not all the same. While most agents are looking out for your best interest, there are plenty of stories about rotten real estate agents putting themselves above their clients. If you are in doubt, lookout for these signs you have the best real estate agent and that your needs are coming first. Continue reading

5 Factors to Consider Before You Start House Flipping

House flipping is hard work. Before buying your first house to flip, you’ll need to understand the process fully as well as avoid these common mistakes.

Flipping houses is hard work. Sure it seems relatively easy to do—you buy the home at a lower price, fix it up, and sell it off for a profit. Short and sweet at the surface, but in reality, there is a veritable laundry list of factors to consider first. Continue reading

5 Signs It’s Time to Walk Away from an Investment Property

Investing in real estate can be a life changing endeavor, but it is important to understand what you are getting yourself into and when to walk away from a deal. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Here are five red flags to look out for so you know when to walk away. Continue reading

How to Properly Vet a Real Estate Agent

Choosing a real estate agent is as important as selecting a financial adviser or lawyer. Let us help you find them with our tips to vet a real estate agent.

Choosing a real estate agent is just as important as selecting a financial adviser or a lawyer. The decision shouldn’t be made lightly because this individual could mean the difference of thousands of dollars taken out of your pocket. I’m not just talking about their fee, either. Continue reading

Columbus Realtors and Developers Adding Mid-Range Housing Inventory

First time home buyers are struggling with the rising price of real estate around the country, but buyers in Columbus, Ohio are having a particularly tough go of it. Thanks to a low inventory of homes in the $150,000-$250,000 price range, new home owners and low income buyers are challenged. However, the Realtor and developer communities are looking to change that. Continue reading