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Long Island Sound Area Real Estate Market Report

Bridgeport, Connecticut real estate opportunities
Downtown Bridgeport, Connecticut at twilight

Long Island Sound is a beautiful estuary off of the Atlantic Ocean that separates the mainland Unites States (Connecticut) from Long Island of New York State. This body of water is home to many species of plant and animal life and is protected by the government to ensure that it remains a fertile place for many years to come. Despite being so close to one of the largest cities in the world in New York City, Long Island Sound remains an incredibly natural place that many people love to observe for its peaceful setting and bountiful wildlife population.

There are residential areas all around the Long Island Sound, including locations in both Connecticut and New York on the Long Island side. Because of their proximity to major population centers and the beautiful natural environment of the area, real estate on Long Island Sound can be very expensive and hard to acquire. Inventory is limited in this market, and potential buyers often watch the market closely for an opportunity to come available in their preferred area. Those wanting to own a piece of real estate on our near Long Island Sound are wise to keep track of listings and make quick decisions so as not to lose out on the home they have been looking for.

Connecticut pastures and countryside in autumn
Autumn in the Connecticut countryside.

Sound Beach, NY is a community on Long Island Sound that is located about halfway out to the end of Long Island from New York City itself. The community has a population of just under 10,000 people and is made up of a predominantly white population. The median age for residents within Sound Beach is 34 years of age, and the median income is over $65,000. This income level is well above the national average and indicative of the overall affluence of the general Long Island Sound area as a whole.

Real estate within Sound Beach is almost exclusively single family homes, and the prices for these homes come in surprising right around the national average. Listings in the area average around $250,000, with the median sale price coming in at slightly above $270,000. Within Sound Beach itself, there are very few total properties available for sale. However, there are many more communities up and down the Long Beach Sound coast, so shopping around those areas will reveal a variety of housing options in different price range brackets.

Connecticut coastline along Long Island Sound
Beautiful Connecticut coastline overlooking
Long Island Sound.

The cities that are located right on Long Beach Sound are mostly residential with very little in the way of commerce. People that live in these communities typically work in the business centers of New York City, New Haven, and more. Commuting is popular for those that wish to work in the big city but prefer a more suburban or even rural lifestyle. In fact, living along the Sound is one of the only ways that someone who works within NYC can own property and have space that is usually not associated with areas near New York City.

Most of the homes in the area were built in the 1970’s and before. There are a wide variety of homes ranging from small in size to larger estates that can run up into the millions of dollars. While housing prices in this area have begun to rise in recent years, there is still a lack of inventory making it difficult for prospective buyers to find exactly what they are looking for. However, as prices to continue to rise as they have been all across the United States, there is a good chance that more sellers will come into the market and more properties will be available for buyers to consider.

Lighthouse located on Connecticut coastline along Long Island Sound
Lighthouse located near Milford & New Haven, Connecticut on Long Island Sound.

Residents of the communities all around Long Island Sound tend to be better educated than the general population as a whole. Many of the residents work in careers that require at least a college degree, so education tends to be more emphasized by those who live in the area. When not at work, there are a number of entertainment and outdoor activity options. Of course, the big city of NYC provides as much entertainment indoors as one could ever want to find. Outside, there are beaches, golf courses, hiking trails, fishing, and much more to keep residents busy all throughout the year. While none of the communities along the Sound are very densely populated, it is still very busy due to the proximity to the mega-population center that it New York City.

Living anywhere along the Long Island Sound provides a more peaceful life for those that don’t enjoy everything that comes with big city living. Real estate prices can be reasonable as seen in communities such as Sound Beach, NY, and they can also rise high into the millions in some of the more affluent regions. The biggest challenge when shopping for Long Island Sound real estate is simply the lack of supply in many of the communities. Acting quickly is a necessary component for buyers to land the property they want in just the right location.

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