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AOL Real Estate - Leah Gillis

AOL Real Estate"Other sites rank agents, helping you find top pre-screened agents, but they don't offer the information and hints that [AgentHarvest®] does, nor do they offer pros and cons. In some cases, these websites don't explain exactly how they come to anoint someone as a 'Top Agent.' AgentHarvest® helps people find an agent by looking at agents' selling histories. Isn't that the kind of agent you are looking for, one that get's it done where you are looking?"
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- Leah Gillis, AOL Real Estate

The Notorious Rob - Rob Haun

Notorious ROB - Rob Haun"The only thing a consumer cannot research today with any degree of efficiency is agent quality. I have written and spoken on the topic of how a consumer could tell if a real estate agent is good or bad, and oftentimes, I come back to the conclusion that only other real estate professionals really know who’s good and who’s not. Because professionals, unlike consumers, deal with real estate and other professionals in real estate every single day, rather than once every seven years. In AgentHarvest®, we have a Realtor willing to tell you the consumer which of his peers are any good, using the hidden database of agent performance metrics that lies within his MLS system. Seems to me, it’s just a matter of time before this kind of referral business pops up everywhere.  Time will tell. This could be the start of something interesting."
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- Rob Haun, Notorious R.O.B.

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