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About AgentHarvest®

Hiring the wrong Realtor or real estate agent is the biggest mistake you can make selling your house.  Your house sits on the market longer and eventually sells for a much lower price. AgentHarvest® helps you sort out the good real estate agents from the bad ones by focusing your attention on the highest-selling Realtors in your area.  Find out who the top-selling agents are in your area for free.

What is AgentHarvest®?

AgentHarvest® is a national real estate agent referral service and a leading authority on finding, screening, and evaluating agents based on talents and abilities. We hand-pick agents in every area we cover and provide the names of those agents to our clients for free. We only receive compensation in the form of a referral fee paid only after the agent successfully completes the sale, purchase or lease of your property. Because we are only paid when an agent successfully completes your transaction, we make sure we match you with agents that can only result in accomplishing your real estate objectives. All of our services are free to homebuyers and sellers and there is no obligation to use any agent we send you.

Why Hiring The Right Agent Is So Important

There are lots of really good real estate agents out there but how can you find them or tell them apart from the rest?  The only way to identify a good agent is by looking at their sales track record.  Unfortunately, this information is not made available to the public.  However, we have access to that information and use it to identify the best Realtors and real estate agents in your area and we share those findings with you.

About Bill Petrey, Realtor

Bill Petrey, the CEO and Founder of AgentHarvest®, has been written about in the Los Angeles Times, Inman News, AOL Real Estate, The Notorious R.O.B, and Inman Next, among others. He founded AgentHarvest® for the sole purpose of helping people find agents and buy, sell or lease houses. Not all Realtors are the same and finding the right Realtor makes a big difference.

A Message from Bill Petrey
Realtor and Founder of AgentHarvest®

Are you looking for a professional real estate agent that can aggressively market your home and keep you informed?
So am I.

I'm constantly looking for agents that know how to aggressively market listings, have great communication skills and have amassed an impressive reputation of selling homes in your area. I'm also looking for agents that earn regional and national sales-based awards based on consistently high sales volumes, or rank as one of the best-selling agents in your region or nationally. These agents must have an informative on-line presence and an impressive marketing campaign promoting the houses they sell. I also want to make sure they stay current with trends, laws, technology, and the real estate market that they service. Above all, I'm looking for agents that will serve you to the best of their ability. They must also pledge to provide the level of service I believe is necessary to sell or buy a house as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Finding agents that meet these requirements is hard. However, agents of this elite caliber are out there and I am finding them. If you're looking for an elite agent, I want to share the agents I've found in your area that meet these elite standards with you.

Find out who the AgentHarvest® Elite rated agents are in your area.

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